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0-199 Tournament

Earn SILVER points at this tournament where all players have less than 200 points! You started playing bridge not too long ago and you never played in a tournament outside of a club? You have few points and 200 points seems huge? Do not hesitate to participate because you will meet other Read all

STAC – April 24-30, 2017

Several bridge clubs are registered in the STAC (Sectional at Clubs) to be held in clubs from April 24 to 30, 2017. Participate in large numbers and win Silver Points. This STAC is under the coordination of the Montréal Bridge League. Read all

District 1 Director’s Reports

Before each NABC, the ACBL Board of Directors meets to discuss various issues and make decisions on strategic elements and various business items. The Director who represents District 1 at this meeting writes a report on his return to share the highlights of the meeting. His reports are posted Read all
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The Montreal Bridge League’s mission is to promote the game of bridge in the Montreal region, in collaboration with its affiliated clubs. Learn more