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STAC – Silver Points – February 12-18 AND 20-26

Several bridge clubs are registered at the two STACs (Sectional at Clubs) of February. Participate in large numbers and win Silver Points. The more participants there are, the more points there will be. February 12 to 18, 2018 (Monday to Sunday): STAC of the Canadian Bridge Federation February Read all

Canadian Bridge Championships – 2018

In 2018, the Canadian Bridge Championship will be held in Montréal, May 20 to June 3. To participate in the Canadian Team Championship (CNTC) and the Canadian Open Pair Championship (COPC), a pre-qualification is required. Qualification sessions are held in bridge clubs in the fall.  Ask your Read all

0-199 Tournament

Earn SILVER points at this tournament where all players have less than 200 points! You started playing bridge not too long ago and you never played in a tournament outside of a club? You have few points and 200 points seems huge? Do not hesitate to participate because you will meet other Read all

New Laws of Duplicate Bridge

New Laws of Duplicate Bridge 2017 The Laws of Duplicate Bridge 2017 are effective in the ACBL beginning September 25, 2017. Below is a synopsis of changes made from the previous (2008) version of the Laws. Read all
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The Montreal Bridge League’s mission is to promote the game of bridge in the Montreal region, in collaboration with its affiliated clubs. Learn more