Novices-Intermediate Tournaments in 2018

WhereVarious sites

WhenVarious dates

10:00 and 14:30

PointsSILVER points


Earn SILVER points at these tournaments!

You started playing bridge not too long ago and you never played in a tournament outside of a club? These tournament days are reserved for players with less than 300 (200) points or its equivalent. So, do not hesitate to participate because you will meet other players who have begun to develop this same extraordinary passion.

There are four 1-day tournaments, independent of each other. You can participate in only one of them or as many as you wish, morning or afternoon or both.

All sessions are Duplicata Pairs: 10:00 and 14:30 Saturday and Sunday.


Program – November 4 and 10 / 0-299
Limited to players with less than 300 points.

Sunday November 4Club Bridge Québec (Laval) / 0-299
1600 boulevard Saint-Martin Est, Tour « B », suite 125
Laval, Qc, H7G 4R7   tél. 450-933-9446
Partnership: Francine Viens

Saturday November 10  Club St-Lambert (St-Lambert) / 0-299
485 av Birch,  Saint-Lambert, Qc, J4P 2M7
Partnership: François Bouchat


Program – April 28 and May 12 / 0-199
Limited to players with less than 200 points.

Saturday April 28Club Le Mirage (Montréal) / 0-199
9001 de l’Acadie, Montréal #106 QC H4N 3K1   tél. 514-858-5611
Parking behind the building
Partnership: Louise Berthiaume
Results on the club webpage. Select AM or PM, and section A or B.

Saturday May 12 – Club Longueuil (Longueuil) / 0-199
930 St-Jacques,  Longueuil, QC J4H 3E2
Partnership: Gilles St-Hilaire and Jeannot Beaulieu


Come play with your partner. You do not have a partner? You can contact the above mentioned persons, or Christine Bourbeau, responsible for the tournament.  450-687-4797.


Winners – April 28

AM – 0-200
Anna Minotti
Renée Gagnon

AM – 0-50
Christiane Calve
Michel Giguère

PM – 0-200
Roger Leblanc
Huguette Robichaud

PM – 0-50
Louis Thibodeau
Céline Thibodeau


You are not a member of the ACBL? You are a member but your experience is greater than your ACBL masterpoints allow to see? Read this.

All bridge players are welcome to the tournaments of the Montreal Bridge League. All players must register in the category that corresponds to their real level, whether they play in pairs or teams competitions.

ACBL Rules:
  • The right of a non-member of the ACBL to play in an event restricted by masterpoints is subject to approval by the director of the tournament, to include the player in the right category. Players must register in the stratum equivalent to their experience.
  • A non-member who has attained a status at a given time can not subsequently play in a lower-level category.
  • The tournament director may require a member to be part of a stratum or higher category than his/her number of points, if that member is deemed to have more points.
To the following persons and others for whom the spirit of the description applies, it is important to determine the number of masterpoints that corresponds to their experience:
  • Non-members of the ACBL: they may be beginners with very limited experience or advanced players with a lot of experience.
  • Members whose ACBL points are well below their experience:
    • experience acquired before becoming a member;
    • little play in affiliated bridge clubs, but more in non-affiliated clubs, accumulating little master points;
    • members who come back after a long hiatus, and that could not recover the points in their record;
    • play on various websites;
    • experience gained in other countries.
How to determine a number of masterpoints that corresponds to the experience?
  • Assess the number of points that would have been obtained using the experience and frequency of play (eg. 30-50-100 per year).
  • Another method could be to assign a number of points equivalent to those of partners if the level is similar, or adjust accordingly if the experience is greater (or less).

The director of the tournament or the League can help clarify the situation.

The successful implementation of the ACBL rules is based on cooperation of all players. Compliance will be appreciated by playing partners and all players. Failing to register in the appropriate category, the concerned pair or team will become ineligible to the overall ranking of the event.


The results of the sessions will be stratified according to the number of points of the pairs.

The pairs will play in the group that matches their master points.
2 groups:
        Group A-X, where A = 0-199 and X = 0-100
        Group B-C-D, wherein B = 0-50, C = 0-20 and D = 0-10
In the B-C-D group, no player will have more than 50 points, since a pair with a player with more than 50 points must play in the A-X group. In each of the groups, the points average of the pair then determines the stratification for the points awarded during the tournament.

Players who are not members of the ACBL must determine the equivalence of their master points, according to their experience. Tournament organizers can help to estimate points. The basic question is to evaluate the points that would have been obtained if the experience gained had been acquired in ACBL affiliated clubs.