Can-Am Regional 2016

WhereSheraton Dorval

555 Boulevard McMillan, Dorval, QC H9P 1B7

WhenAugust 8-14, 2016

PointsRegional Tournament - Gold and Red Points

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The Montreal Bridge League celebrates its 70th anniversary this year, and honors its co-founder Sam Gold. Click here to learn more about Sam Gold, an important person for the League and the bridge community.


See the program.

See the description of the events.
  – Pairs: Duplicata
  – Teams: Knock-out and Swiss


OPEN – Points at the tournament.
Winners of the George Retek Trophy are Ellie Hanlon and Mary Savko, from Vermont. See Awards – George Retek Trophy.

0-500 non-life master – Points at the tournament.
The winner of the Mac Paterson trophy is Jean-Pierre Longpré, who plays in various bridge clubs in the Montréal area and all tournaments from the MBL. See Awards – Mac Paterson Trophy.

The Montreal Bridge League now refers all bridge players to the ACBL website to see the resuls of the tournament: Detailed Results of each event (ACBL-Live), and General Results (ACBL-Tournaments).

Results on the ACBL website - Read this
Hand Records - Pairs


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