Canadian Bridge Championships 2015

WhereMcGill New Residence Hall

3625 Avenue du Parc Montréal, Québec

WhenMay 23-30, 2015

PointsCanadian Championships / Points of varied colors


Events at the 2015 Championships


The 2015 Championships took place in Montreal, May 23-30, 2015

Several teams from the greater Montreal area particiipated in the Canadian Championships. The Canadian Bridge Federation website contains detailed information on the various events and the conditions of contest.

Good luck to you all.

CNTC – A                      Saturday May 23 to Saturday May 30          Pre-registration required                              
(<2500 MP)
Sunday May 24 to Thursday May 28 Pre-registration required
(< 1000 MP)
Wednesday May 27 to Friday May 29 Pre-registration required
CSTC Wednesday May 27 to Saturday May 30 No Pre-registration required
CIPC Thursday May 28 Open to all 
COPC Friday May 29 to Saturday May 30 Club Qualification or 
participation in the CNTC in May
B/C Pairs Friday May 29 Two-session regionally-rated Pairs event, for those under 2,500 masterpoints. Stratified 2,500/1,000/500. Open to non CBF members. No pre-registration required.
Swiss Teams Saturday May 30 Open to all (2 sessions)

See the detailed play schedule and results.