June Festival 2016


530 Clairevue Ouest, St-Bruno, Qc, J3V 6B3

WhenJune 24-26, 2016

PointsSectional Tournament - Silver Points

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On the ACBL website, when selecting “Live“, the screen shows the different types of tournaments, then tournaments under each category. 

The Montreal Bridge League now refers all bridge players to that site for overall and detailed results as well. See the results for this tournament.
– Pairs events: Overall results (total of 2 sessions) and Leaderboard (1st session), recap, and hands played.
– Team events: Results per round and “Overall“.

How to read the results of the events in pairs?
– Clicking on« Recaps » gives the list of players North-South and East-West by section, with the results obtained.
– Clicking on « Scores » (far right) gives to a player, detailed information on all boards played: the contract, by whom, the results in score, IMPS and %.
– Clicking on the board number (left) shows the diagram of the hand, with contracts played by all the  pairs, and the result in score, IMPS and %. 

Hands Friday 13:00 Hands Friday 19:30
Hands Saturday 10:00 Hands Saturday 14:30


See program.

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