June Festival – 2017


530 Clairevue Ouest, St-Bruno, Qc, J3V 6B3

WhenJune 23-25, 2017

PointsSectional Tournament - Silver Points

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Partnership: Paul-André Paquin and Suzanne Arsenault.
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Program: Schedule of the tournament.

NEW: Compact Knock-Out on Friday – 14:00 and 19:00
The course of this KO is similar to the regular KO, however with shorter matches.

Friday: Pairs and Compact Knock-out
Saturday: Pairs et Stratified Swiss
Sunday: Bracketed Swiss

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The results will be on the ACBL website, under the sub-menu “Live”.
They will be displayed as the tournament progresses, and can be accessed by anyone who wishes to consult them. Click on «Show Results» in the box above to get them.

Friday – Hand Records Saturday – Hand Records
PM – 14:00 AM – 10:00
Evening – 19:00 PM – 14:30

In the “Tournaments” sub-menu of the ACBL website, the results will be posted only at the end of the tournament.

Tournament participants can receive their results within minutes of the end of each event: by texto and/or email from the ACBL.

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