Metropolitan Championships – 2017

WhereMontréal - Centre Roussin

12125 Rue Notre-Dame Est Pointe-aux-Trembles, QC H1B 2Y9

WhenFebruary 25-26, 2017

PointsSectional Tournament- Silver Points

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Schedule of the tournament.

New location for this tournament in the winter.

Great tournament! Thank you all for your enthousiasm and your participation.


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The winners

Saturday Open Pairs

Peter Allen and Michael Rodgers

PM: Overall – Summary – Hands
AM: Overall – Summary – Hands

Saturday Swiss

Sylvain Mayer, Janyne Provencher,
Carole Coveney, Michel Coveney



Serge Saint-Laurent, François Laporte,
Claude Laberge, Roger Dunn


  Group 2

Robert Guérard, André Houde,
André Blanchet, Jacques Beauregard


  Groupe 3

Normand Boulay, Christine Bourbeau,
Daniel Demuy, Johanne Piecken


  Group 4

Denyse Morin, Pierre Dionne,
Johanne St-Pierre, Gilles Coll


  Group 5

Jocelyne Parent, Lise Dufour,
Joyce Ward, Marc Lafontaine