NAP 2015-2016 – North-American Pairs

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  • ACBL Final

Congratulations and thank you to all participants at the District 1 finals – Western sector … and good luck to all the players who have earned their qualification to represent the district at the ACBL final in Reno – Nevada in March 2016.

The finalists are:
       Flight A – Open
               Steve Merovitz and Keith Hogan
       Flight B – less than 2500 masterpoints
               Josée Roberge and Linda Martin
               Chantal Dubé and Josette Lévesque
       Flight C – less than 500 masterpoints, non-lifemaster
               Marie-Claude Loisel and Johanne Deom
               Pierrette Matteau and Norma Fajardo-Solache

All these pairs participated in the ACBL final, joined by Carmen Lavoie and Michel Poirier in flight C. Their performed very well, most of them having made it to the second day of the final.

  • District Final – West division (Montreal)
Recap A
Recap B
Recap C
Travellers A
Travellers B
Travellers C
Recap A
Recap B
Recap C
Travellers A
Travellers B
Travellers C

Note: masterpoints allocated to both sessions are all indicated in the recaps of the afternoon.


  • District Final and ACBL Final

The District Final for qualified members of the Montréal Bridge League will be held at Le Mirage Bridge Club, Saturday November 7, 2015, at 11 am. The club is located at 9001 boul. de l’Acadie, Montréal, H4N 3H5, tel (514) 858-5611.

This is a 2-session event, with a lunch break  of about 1½ hours between sessions. 20$ per person for both sessions, which must be played with the same partner.

The list of qualified players from the Montréal Bridge League (Unit 151) contains the names of players reported by the clubs that have held qualifying sessions. Qualified members of other units in Québec and Eastern Ontario are invited to participate. Members from the Maritimes have a separate final.

All players at the District final must be ACBL members in good standing at the time of play. All flights play the same hands, the same day, in different sections. “B” players qualified in flight “A” can play in flights “A” or “B”. “C” players qualified in flights “A” or “B” can play in flights “A” or “B” or “C”.

The final step will be the ACBL final, in March 2016, in Reno – Nevada. The winners of the district final earn the right to represent District 1 at this final.

  • NAP – North-American Pairs

NAP – North-American Pairs is a pairs competition across the ACBL. This highly prestigious tournament begins with a qualification period in bridge clubs, then follows the District Final in the fall and the ACBL final at the Spring NABC.

The 2015-2016 season is underway. The main steps and information:

  • 3 flights: A = Open, B = 0-2500, C = 0-500 Non Life Master (Bridge Bulletin – June 2015).
  • Qualifying sessions in clubs in the months of June-July-August 2015, during regular sessions of the participating clubs. Points: Red and Black.
  • District 1 final (in the fall):  the district final is a “split final”, one being held in a bridge club in the Montreal area for the Western part on the district, all flights playing the same day in different sections. Another final is held in the Maritimes for the Eastern part of the district, usually on different days, in different sites. This year: October 25 (Open) and October 24 (C) in Riverview NB, and October 31 (B) in Halifax NS.
  • The District final is a 2-session event that awards Gold and Red points.
  • Winners from both finals are invited to represent the district at the ACBL final. The pairs are selected according to the conditions described in the document below – Selection of the pairs to represent District 1.
  • ACBL Final at the next Spring NABC: a two-day competition bringing together the finalists of the 25 districts of the ACBL.
  • Grant available from ACBL and/or the Montreal Bridge League.

More detailed information.

Conditions of Contest 2015-2016.

Selection of the pairs to represent District 1 (East of Canada) at the ACBL final, including details on subsidies from the ACBL.

See also the Subsidy Policy from the Montreal Bridge League.

Coordinator of the event for the Montreal Bridge League and District 1
Louise Mascolo –


The NAP of the 2014-2015 season ended with the ACBL final which was held at the NABC New Orleans in March 2015. The Montreal Bridge League was represented by 6 pairs, 2 per stratum. (Names are under Awards / NAP).