STACs – 2018

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ScheduleRegular schedule of bridge clubs

STAC – Sectional at clubs, is a competition involving all bridge clubs that registered for the competition. The competition takes place during their regular session of bridge. The more registered clubs and participating tables, the more Silver points and placings in the Overall.

All bridge clubs from the Montréal Bridge League can register their club to all the STACs within District 1, which covers Eastern Ontario, Québec, and the Maritimes. Here is the list of the STACs scheduled at this time for 2017.

  • January 15-21, 2018 (Montréal Bridge League – D1)

Information and results on the  ACBL website.

  • February 12-18, 2018 (Canadian Bridge Federation)

Many bridge clubs across Canada participate in this STaC hosted by the Canadian Bridge Federation.  
See the ACBL website for information and the results.

  • February 20-26, 2018 (D1)

Information and results on the ACBL website.

  • April 23-29, 2018 (Montréal Bridge League-D1)
Detailed information and results on the ACBL website.
  • June 11-17, 2018 (D1)
Information and results on the ACBL website.
  • August 13-19, 2018 (D1)

Information and results on the ACBL website.

  • October August 15-21, 2018 (D1)

Information and results on the ACBL website.

  • December 4-10, 2018 (D1)

Information and results on the ACBL website.

See the ACBL website for the whole schedule of STACs and their results: under “Month”, select “All months”, and under “District”, select “1”, and then click on “Search” to see all STACs in the year.