0-199 – Sectional Tournament

WhereMay 27 - Club Le Mirage; May 28 - Club Bridge Québec

WhenMay 27-28, 2017

PointsSectional - Silver Points

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Saturday AM
  Mains AM

Saturday PM
   Recap AX
Recap BCD
Mains PM

Sunday AM
    Results AM
    Recap AX
    Recap BCD
Mains AM

Sunday PM
    Results PM
    Recap AX
    Recap BCD
Mains PM

Saturday’s winners … with Christine Bourbeau



  Saturday PM – A: Hanz Schultz and Garry O’Connell

 Saturday AM – B: Linda Legault and Denis Legault

  Saturday PM – B: Micheline Labelle and Amar Nahouli

 Sunday’s winners

  AM – AX: Simon-Pierre Goulet and Jérôme

  PM – AX: Richard Grabski and Richard Ashby

AM – BCD: Sylvain Boudreau and Carole Cloutier

PM – BCD: Fernande Demers and Normand Michon

Thanks to our contributors, Kamel Fergani and Martine Lacroix for their lecture, and Distributions Gaf and Alain Bonnin for their generous contribution.

Earn SILVER points at this tournament where all players have less than 200 points!

You started playing bridge not too long ago and you never played in a tournament outside of a club? You have few points and 200 points seems huge? Do not hesitate to participate because you will meet other players who have begun to develop this same extraordinary passion.

This tournament takes place over two days, each day being completely separate from each other.

Saturday, May 27Club Le Mirage (Montréal)
9001 de L’Acadie, Montréal QC #106 H4N 3K1   tél. 514-858-5611
Large parking lot behind the building

Sunday, May 28Club Bridge Québec (Laval)
3265 Aut 440 Laval O, Laval QC H7P 5P2   tél. 450-934-9446

All sessions are Duplicata Pairs.

Come play with your partner. You do not have a partner? You can contact the above mentioned persons, or Christine Bourbeau, responsible for the tournament.
Christine1.bourbeau@gmail.com  450-687-4797.

You are not a member of the ACBL? You are a member but your experience is greater than your ACBL masterpoints allow to see? Read this.


The results of the sessions will be stratified according to the number of points of the pairs.

The pairs will play in the group that matches their master points.
2 groups:
        Group A-X, where A = 0-199 and X = 0-100
        Group B-C-D, wherein B = 0-50, C = 0-20 and D = 0-10
In the B-C-D group, no player will have more than 50 points, since a pair with a player with more than 50 points must play in the A-X group. In each of the groups, the points average of the pair then determines the stratification for the points awarded during the tournament.

Players who are not members of the ACBL must determine the equivalence of their master points, according to their experience. Tournament organizers can help to estimate points. The basic question is to evaluate the points that would have been obtained if the experience gained had been acquired in ACBL affiliated clubs.

And more …

       Presence prizes
       Large parking lot