0-199 Tournament

Earn SILVER points at these tournaments where all players have less than 200 points!

You started playing bridge not too long ago and you never played in a tournament outside of a club? You have few points and 200 points seems huge? Do not hesitate to participate because you will meet other players who have begun to develop this same extraordinary passion.

These are one-day tournaments: you can play 1 of 2 sessions or 2 sessions on schedule. You can participate in as many days as you want, respecting the limit of established master points.

Saturday April 28, 2018
9001 de L’Acadie, Montreal #106 QC H4N 3K
Parking lot behind the building
tél. 514-858-5611
Pairing: Louise Berthiaume

Saturday May 12, 2018
 930 St-Jacques, Longueuil, Qc J4H 3E3
Pairing: Gilles St-Hilaire et Jeannot Beaulieu

Sunday November 4, 2018
1600 boulevard Saint-Martin Est, Tour B, suite 125
Laval, Qc, H7G 4R7
tél. 450-933-9446
Jumelage: Francine Viens

All sessions are Duplicata Pairs – 10:00 AND 14:30

Surprises await you!
See tournament page for information on stratifications.

Come play with your partner. You do not have a partner? You can contact the above mentioned persons, or Christine Bourbeau, responsible for the tournament.
Christine1.bourbeau@gmail.com  450-687-4797.


You are not a member of the ACBL? Come and participate. However, it is important that you consider the experience gained. Read the following.

You are not a member of the ACBL? You are a member but your experience is greater than your ACBL master points allow to see? Read this.