GNT – Grand National Teams

The GNT is a team competition that concludes with a final at the NABC in the summer, with one team per district (25) for each of the 4 categories defined. The NABC will be held in Toronto this summer.

Our district (District 1) holds its finals soon,  for the selection of the teams:

  • Montreal: Open and B. Sunday April 2nd at Bridge Québec club in Laval, 10:30.
  • Halifax: A and C. Saturday May 13 at Bridge Studio,10:30.

These district and ACBL finals are divided into 4 distinct categories:

  • Open: unlimited number of points.
  • A: less than 6000 points (each)
  • B: less than  2500 points (each) 
  • C: less than 500 points, non life master (each)

Any team may compete in the finals of the district without prior qualification. In the finals at the Bridge Québec Club, B teams will consist of players with less than 2500 points each. Teams where one player has more than 2500 points must play in the Open group.

It will be a great day of bridge, Swiss format (equivalent of 2 sessions). Do not you think of going to Toronto if you qualify? Come still play, for the pleasure of the competition and the pleasure of playing as a team.

Modalities are in place to replace and add players to the team for the ACBL final in Toronto.

Page of the GNT.

Conditions of Contest – District 1.