Regional tournament in conjunction with the Canadian Championships

New in Montreal this year: A complete regional tournament schedule during the Canadian Championships Week!

These regional events begin Monday, May 28th, with competitions in pairs or teams every day (alternately), until Sunday, June 3rd. Bridge for all levels, including Gold Rush events, awarding OR and RED points. See the program.

You can also enjoy watching high caliber players in your spare time.

The Canadian Championship begins May 26th, and runs until June 3rd, with events of various types.

The Team Championships will have started on Saturday with a round robin between participating teams registered in advance with the Canadian Bridge Federation (CNTC-A, CNTC-B, CNTC-C). Several teams from home participate. The Senior Teams Championship starts on May 30th.

Pair competitions follow, starting on Friday, in which all interested players can participate:

  • CIPC: Friday June 1st. No pre-qualification required.
  • COPC: Saturday and Sunday, June 2nd and 3rd.  Pre-qualification required, obtained by either bridge club sessions last fall, or by participation in the CNTC (A-B-C) or CSTC (Senior Teams), or additional fee.

Detailed information on the Canadian Bridge Federation website.

Where? and Results

      New McGill University Residences
     3625 Avenue du Parc
     Montréal, Québec

The Program includes all the events of the regional tournament, and the competitions in pairs of the Canadian Championships. 

More information on the tournament page, and on the CBF webpage.

Results on the CBF website and ACBL Live.