Events at the Can-Am – 2017

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The Can-Am is the regional tournament held annually by the Montreal Bridge League, in which players can earn GOLD and RED points.

In order to win GOLD points, players must play both sessions of a 2-session event, and get a placement in the overall ranking. Otherwise, points awarded are RED points.

During the tournament, there are several types of competitions in pairs and teams, some of which can take place simultaneously. Here is a description of the events scheduled on the program.


Stratified Pairs, Gold Rush Pairs

These pair events are played in a DUPLICATA format of two sessions, from which there are several winners. Masterpoints are awarded for each session, and there is an OVERALL ranking that combines both sessions and awards additional masterpoints to players that get a placing. Within each group, stratification is based on average masterpoints of the pair.

Pairs may play one session only, in which case they will get Red points if they get a result in the overall of the session played.

Stratified Pairs: these sessions are open to all players without distinction or limit of master points.

  • Stratification when Gold Rush Pairs occur at the same time: 
         A = 2000+ / B = 0-2000
  • Stratification on other days: 
         A = 2000+ / B = 500-2000 / C = 0-500

Gold Rush Pairs: all players participating in this event must have less than 750 masterpoints. Thereafter, ranking is determined by the average of the pair within this stratification: A=300-750/B=100-300/C=0-100.


Stratified Swiss, Gold Rush Swiss, Bracketed Swiss, Stratiflighted Swiss, Knock-out (KO) Bracketed, Compact Knock-out

Teams consist of 4, 5, or 6 players, 4 of whom play at the same time: one pair sits N/S at one table, the other pair E/W at another table. The two opposing pairs play in the opposite direction of their teammates. (4 players in Compact KO).

Stratified Swiss: any team can meet any other team in any given match (7 or 8) throughout the event. All along its matches, each team accumulates “IMPS” points depending upon its performance against each team met. There are masterpoints awarded for each match won, and there are additional points to those teams that place in the Overall ranking. 

Teams are stratified by masterpoint average of the players on the team: A=2000+ / B=500-2000 / C=0-500 . There are winners in each strata, and it is possible for a team in a lower strata to outperform one or more teams in a higher strata.

Gold Rush Swiss: event in which all players must hold less than 750 masterpoints. The course of this event is similar to the Stratified Swiss.

Stratification: A=300-750 / B=100-300 / C=0-100. There are winners in each strata, and it is possible for a team in a lower strata to outperform one or more teams in a higher strata.

Bracketed Swiss: the more there are teams, the more there are groups. At the registration desk, the team captain gives the TOTAL number of points of the players on his team. At the end of the registration period, the director determines the number of groups according to the number of registered teams: he regroups 8 teams of equal strength in each bracket, and determines which group gets the residual (the highest or lowest group).

A team may request to play in the highest group, even if it has a number of points that would place it in a lower bracket, but the director may not be able to access all of these requests. In each group, each team usually meets with all other teams in its group. 3 teams per group get a spot in the Overall of its group.

Stratiflighted Swiss: similar to the Stratified or Bracketed Swiss described above, however held in groups with specific masterpoints limits:

  • A-AX: OPEN to all teams. Stratification by MP average of the team: A= 2500+ / AX= 0-2500.
  • B: all players on the team must have less than 2 500 MP.
  • C: all players on the team must have less than 1 500 MP. Thereafter, masterpoint average of the team determines the ranking: C=750-1500 / D=300-750 / E=0-300.

Knock-out Bracketed: at the end of the registration period, the director determines the number of KO groups or “Brackets” in the event. Each group is composed of teams of a similar calibre, based on the TOTAL number of masterpoints for the team.

Each bracket represents a separate event with its own masterpoint awards:

  • Two teams meet to play the first match.
  • The team that wins the match keeps on for the next match at the next session time, and the losing team is out.
  • The same process continues until the two finalists in each bracket play each other.

Compact Knock-out: during the tournament, a Knock-out Compact may be added to the program. The course of this KO is similar to the regular KO, however with shorter matches. In the 1st session, the teams who win the 1st set of 12 boards continue in Group 1, and those who lose it continue in Group 2, with all teams playing the 24 boards of this session. The second session begins with the semi finals, and continues with the finals.