Canadian Bridge Championships 2016

WhereToronto, Delta Toronto East

2035 Kennedy Rd, Toronto, Ontario M1T 3G2

WhenMay 21-29, 2016

PointsCanadian Championships / Points of varied colors

ScheduleSee the program

The Canadian Bridge Championships feature mainly team competitions, with some pairs competitions. Added to the championships, there is a regional tournament open to all.



Gold medal: Nicolas L’Écuyer, Zygmunt Marcinski, Nicholas Gartaganis, Judith Gartaganis, Kamel Fergani, Frédéric Pollack.

Silver medal: David Willis, Marc-André Fourcaudot, Ranald Davidson, Jeff Blond, Ron Carrière, Waldemar Frukacz.

Participation in the quarter finals: Charles Martineau, André Chartrand, Jacques Cloutier, Kevin Grégoire, Robert Morin and Serge Hamelin. 

CNTC-B: silver medal to Stéphane Turcotte, Benoit Lessard, Zoltan Lazar, Marc Boisvert.

CNTC-C: gold medal to Denis Ouellette, Gilles Benoit, Danielle Tremblay, Denise Roy Létourneau.

CWTC: gold medal to Sondra Blank, and silver medal to Sylvia Summers and Barbara Saltsman on their respective team.

CSTC: gold medal to John Carruthers, Joey Silver, George Mittelman, Robert Lebi, Pierre Daigneault, Boris Baran.

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General information

The 2016 championships 2016 will take place in Toronto from May 21 to May 29, 2016. See the list of events, and applicable details on the CBF website. Pre-registration is required for all teams events, before March 21, 2016.

     Canadian Teams Championships: CNTC-A, CNTC-B, CNTC-C

The qualification period in bridge clubs ended on January 13, 2016 (started on Sept. 1st, 2015). Master points held on September 1st, 2015, determines the category in which a player can play. 

The championships starts with a round robin in which each team plays against all other teams. This year, the round robin starts the same day (Saturday 21st) for all brackets. 

A : Open – Saturday May 21 to Sunday May 29. Conditions and Register.
B : 0 – 2 500  – Saturday May 21 to Tuesday May 24. Please note that the round robin is now 2 days (previously 3 days). Conditions and Register.
C : 0 – 1 000 – Saturday May 21 to Tuesday May 24. Conditions and Register.

Canadian Women Team Championships: CWTC. Saturday May 21 to Tuesday May 24. Conditions and Register.

     Canadian Seniors Championships: CSTC. Conditions and Register.

     Canadian Pairs Championships: CIPC et COPC. Conditions.

     Regionally rated events every day

Grants may be awarded to members of Unit 151 – Montreal Bridge League who play in the national final of CNTC, when the final is outside of the unit. For more information, see the subsidy policy.