The George Retek Trophy is awarded annually by District 1* to an individual who has made a significant volunteer contribution to the District and its units.
This year the honor goes to Jean La Traverse who has been a committed volunteer for more than 17 years, both for the Montreal Bridge League, District 1 and the ACBL.
Jean joined the District 1 Board of Directors in 2006, served as its president for a few years and assumed the role of treasurer since 2018.
He currently sits on the ACBL Board of Governors, recently reorganized into the ACBL Advisory Board, the highest office of its implications.
Jean chaired the organizing committee of the 2020 North American Bridge Championships (NABC), which unfortunately had to be canceled a few months before they were held due to the pandemic. Jean continues his discussions with the provincial organizations and the ACBL, in search of a date to hold a future NABC in Montreal.
He contributed to the development and success of the incentive program to recruit new players, a program initiated by the District in 2022.
From 2006 to 2016, Jean sat on the board of directors of the Montreal Bridge League. During these years he held various positions, including those of treasurer, publicity manager in addition to assuming the presidency during the last 6 years of his mandate. At the beginning of his presidency, Jean worked on a five-year business plan, a plan that targeted several objectives that enabled the realization of numerous projects. Jean currently sits on the Financial Statement Reading Committee for the Montreal Bridge League.
Finally Jean is a member of the ACBL Goodwill Committee, a lifetime appointment to an ACBL member who has exhibited unselfish dedication to the causes of good conduct, worthy participation, and ethical behavior.
Congratulations Jean and thank you for having so generously shared your passion.
* District 1 is made up of the following six units: Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec, Saguenay, Halifax and Moncton.

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