NAP – 2020 / Qualification period now in progress

The NAP qualification period in clubs is now in progress. All clubs can now include multiple qualification sessions in their schedule during the months of June , July and August.
Winners collect RED and BLACK points.

Qualified players can participate in the District 1 final, taking place on October 6th at Le Mirage, in a two sessions day.

Three distinct groups for the final:
      A : Open
      B : less than 2500 points (each player)
      C : non life master, less than 500 points.

The winning A pair as well as the first 2 of the B and C categories, will be invited to represent the district at the ACBL final in the spring 2020 NABC in Columbus Ohio, where representatives of all 25 districts will compete for the ACBL championship.

Consult the EVENTS page for a schedule of qualifying sessions

Consult the NAP page for more information.