Excellent results at the 2016 Canadian Bridge Championships

Many players from the Montreal Bridge League achieved excellent results at the 2016 Canadian Bridge Championships May 21-29, 2016.


Gold medal: Nicolas L’Écuyer, Zygmunt Marcinski, Nicholas Gartaganis, Judith Gartaganis, Kamel Fergani, Frédéric Pollack.

Silver medal: David Willis, Marc-André Fourcaudot, Ranald Davidson, Jeff Blond, Ron Carrière, Waldemar Frukacz.

Participation in the quarter finals: Charles Martineau, André Chartrand, Jacques Cloutier, Kevin Grégoire, Robert Morin and Serge Hamelin. 

CNTC-B: silver medal to Stéphane Turcotte, Benoit Lessard, Zoltan Lazar, Marc Boisvert.

CNTC-C: gold medal to Denis Ouellette, Gilles Benoit, Danielle Tremblay, Denise Roy Létourneau.

CWTC: congratulations to Sondra Blank for the gold medal, and to Sylvia Summers and Barbara Saltsman for the silver medal on their respective team.

CSTC: gold medal to John Carruthers, Joey Silver, George Mittelman, Robert Lebi, Pierre Daigneault, Boris Baran.

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