Teams of 4

Each year, MBL players create teams-of-4 who play a friendly competition. The round-robin lasts from November to May inclusive, followed by playoffs: the team who wins the round-robin gets directly to the finals, teams finishing in 2nd and 3rd places play a semi-final. If at least 10 teams register, they will be split into two flights: A (each player averaging 3000+ MP) and B; otherwise, everybody plays in the same flight. The two teams reaching the A final play a grand-final against the Toronto teams, which occurs alternatively in Montreal and Toronto (in Montreal for the 2019-2020 season). The scoring method is the "Scale of 50", that is, for the winning team, 50 points plus the winning IMPs margin, maximum 100, for the losing team, 50 points minus the losing IMPs margin, minimum 0. The round-robin's duration is such that you need to play one match every 3 weeks, approximately.

This tournament is an excellent occasion to improve your team-of-4 play against opponents stronger than in a regular club tournament. Each match is made of 26 boards, the team trailing after 13 boards deciding who plays against who in the 2nd half. The atmosphere is serious (everybody wants to play well), but not too serious: let's not leave our sense of humor at home!

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