New Laws of Duplicate Bridge

New Laws of Duplicate Bridge 2017

The Laws of Duplicate Bridge 2017 are effective in the ACBL beginning September 25, 2017.

Below is a synopsis of changes made from the previous (2008) version of the Laws. In fact, this commentary on the latest round of changes was prepared by National TD Matt Smith, and it appeared in serialized form in the Ruling the Game column of the Bridge Bulletin magazine (July through November 2017).

For the players, it is more information than what one is accustomed to look at in general. But it is not superfluous to know what is happening, because changes affect decisions that directors may make in a number of situations, including out-of-turn calls, changes of calls, adjusted score, and others. For directors, most will appreciate having the Bridge Bulletin articles collected, with some additions being made mainly to a comparable call, which is the basic point for important changes.

The new Laws are available on the ACBL website.
 In English:
      American Contract Bridge League – Laws of Duplicate Bridge (Rules and Information)
      World Bridge Federation – 2017 Laws of Duplicate Bridge (including highlighted version)
In French: Code international de bridge 2017

New Laws of Duplicate Bridge
STOP card
The Shuffle and Deal (Law 6)
Control of Board and Cards (Law 7)
Drawing Attention to an Irregularity (Law 9A)
Awarding an Adjusted Score (Law 12C)
Incorrect Number of Cards (Law 13)
Wrong Board or Hand (Law 15)
Review and Explanation of Calls (Law 20)
Comparable Call (Law 23)
Legal and Illegal Changes of Call (Law 25)
Call Withdrawn, Lead Restrictions (Law 26)
Insufficient Bid (Law 27)
Pass out of Rotation, Bid out of Rotation, and Double or Redouble out of Rotation (Law 30 – 31 – 32)
Dummy's Limitations (Law 43)
Premature Lead or Play (Law 57)
Arrangement of Tricks and Inspection of Tricks (Law 65 and 66)
Claim or Concession of Tricks (Law 68)
Communication, Tempo, and Deception (Law 73)
Mistaken Explanation or Mistaken Call (Law 75)