George Retek Trophy

The trophy is awarded to the registered ACBL member who wins the most masterpoints during the annual Can-Am Regional.

Congratulations to the winners

2019 : David Bakhshi (Londres) and Reanette Frobouck (Pittsburgh PA)

    2nd position: Allan Graves (Saint Johnsbury, VT) and Billy Cohen (Sherman Oaks, CA)

    3rd position: Ronald Carrière (Kirkland)  


2018: Joan Millens (Kingston), Shan Huang  (Toronto),  Kevin Dwyer  (Melbourne) and Cecilia Rimstedt  (Kungsbacka)

2017: Vincent Demuy (Laval), Joan Millens (Kingston), David Sabourin (Ottawa) and
Shan Huang (Toronto)

2016: Ellie Hanlon and Mary Savko (Vermont)

2015: Pierre Choquette, Isabelle Côté (Québec), Louise Ménard and Alain Turcotte (Granby)

2014 : John Zaluski et Edward Zaluski, (Ottawa)

2013 : Xavier Combey (DDO) and Fengming Chen (Dorval)

2012 : Boris Baran (Côte Saint-Luc)

2011 : Michael Young (Chateauguay) and Fengming Chen (Dorval)

2010 : René Pelletier and Hervé Chatagnier (Québec)

2009 : Vincent Demuy  (Laval), Robert Levin (Lake Ariel PA), Kent Mignocchi (Bronx NY), Jill Levin (Lake Ariel PA), Gavin Wolpert (Singer Island FL) and Beverly Perry (New York NY)

2008 : Mary Savko and Ellie Hanlon (Barre VT)

2007 : Jay Saks (Côte Saint-Luc)

2006 :Stephen Landen (Ellicott City MD) and Pratap Rajadhyaksha (Powell OH)

2005 : Ranald Davidson (North York ON), John Zaluski (Ottawa) and James Gordon (S Burlington VT)

2004 : Jonathan Steinberg (Toronto) and Bert Eccles (Montréal)