Become a Club Director

Club Directors Course

When demand warrants it, a two-day training session is offered to people hoping to:

  • Take a course to prepare for the Club Directors Exam;
  • Learn the laws and procedures that regulate bridge sessions.

Subject-specific courses are available upon request.

For more information, contact Christian Chantigny – 514 642-3612.

Club Directors Exam

To become a bridge club director, players must take the Club Directors Exam.

Contact Christian Chantigny at 514 642-3612 or by email. He will appoint a monitor for your test.

The candidate can also get in touch with a club director to express his or her interest in taking the Club Directors Exam. The latter will contact Mr. Chantigny and he or she will be able to monitor the test.

As soon as the monitor receives a copy of the exam, he or she will contact the candidate to schedule an appointment for the test.

The exam usually takes place in a club, during a bridge session. The time allocated to complete the exam is 3 hours. It is an open-book written test: computers, books, and course materials are all allowed during the exam.

The exam costs $45 CAD, payable at the time of the exam.

The candidate will get his or her exam results within 2 to 4 weeks following the exam date. He or she will be able to lead a session as soon as he or she receives confirmation that he or she has passed the exam.

The Club Directors Course is not mandatory before taking the exam. However, training with an experienced director is strongly encouraged.

The ACBL website is filled with useful information to pass the Club Directors Exam.

LAW OF DUPLICATE BRIDGE is available on the ACBL web site.