Mentorship Program (on hold)

You are a new player and you wish to practice with an experienced player? Our Mentorship Program was designed just for you!

The goal of the program is to offer new players the opportunity to gain experience in an environment conducive to learning by pairing them with an experienced player for 4 sessions.

The Mentee

The program is designed for players who have less than 50 masterpoints or who have been referred by a bridge teacher and who:

  • Wish to improve;
  • Pay attention to the mentor’s tips and suggestions;
  • Remain realistic in his expectations;
  • Have played at least 5 sessions in a duplicate game;
  • Agree to pay the mentor’s entry fee.

Participating Clubs

Games can be played in any bridge club. Some clubs have agreed to offer a 25% discount on their regular price:

How to Join

Bridge players interested in participating in this program should fill in the form below or contact the Montreal Bridge League

Once a match is made, the Montreal Bridge League will:

  • Pass on the new player’s contact details to the mentor;
  • Send 4 coupons to the mentored player so that he or she can take advantage of the discount offered by the clubs.

The mentee is limited to two mentorship programs per year. Priority will be given to applicants who:

  • Are applying for the first time;
  • Regularly attend ACBL-affiliated clubs;
  • Are ACBL registered members.

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