Montreal Bridge League

The League is a unit which is part of the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL). The League supports the development and organization of bridge activities in its jurisdiction, supporting the greater metropolitan area of Montreal, the North Shore and the Laurentians up to Abitibi, and the South Shore and East up to the jurisdiction supported by the Quebec Unit. It is led by a board of seven directors, all volunteers, elected by its members for two-year terms. You are interested in joining this team? You are invited to do so.


The Montreal Bridge League’s mission is to promote the game of bridge:

  • By working hand in hand with all stakeholders: players, volunteers, affiliated clubs, teachers, directors, ACBL, etc.;
  • By promoting ACBL membership.

Competition, the pleasure of playing as well as players are all key elements in carrying out its mission.


  • The MBL’s vision is to combine the game’s competitive aspect with its sociable appeal;
  • The MBL organizes tournaments and other activities to provide all players with opportunities to compete and have fun;
  • The MBL assists in developing the game of bridge and in implementing a variety of actions to promote ACBL membership.

The MBL within the ACBL Structure

The Montreal Bridge League is part of District 1 – Eastern Canada, i.e. one of the 25 ACBL districts. Each district is divided into units meant to reach effectively all ACBL members, in Canada, in the United States and in Mexico.

The units within District 1 are the following:

  • 151: Montreal (Greater Montreal, Laurentians, Abitibi)
  • 152: Quebec
  • 199: Saguenay-St. Lawrence
  • 192: Eastern Ontario & Outaouais
  • 194: Canadian Maritime (Nova Scotia and Newfoundland)
  • 230: Acadian (New-Brunswick and Prince-Edward-Island)