Can-Am Regional – 2018

WhereSheraton Laval

2440 Autoroute des Laurentides Laval, QC H7T 1X5 1-800-667-2440

WhenAugust 6-12, 2018

PointsRegional Tournament - GOLD and RED Points


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The Can-Am (Regional Tournament) welcomes bridge players at the Sheraton Laval, August 6 to 12, 2018.


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How much does it cost to play at the Can-Am?

  • $ 17 per session, including free parking, coffee and tea at all times, and many things appreciated.
  • Half price for students throughout the tourament, and for members who play in Monday’s 0-199 sessions.
  • $ 4 additional for ACBL members whose membership fees are not up to date. Players who have never been members of the ACBL will choose between a new temporary 1-month membership for 10$ or an annual membership to the ACBL. The temporary membership will allow to play all sessions without further supplement during the tournament, and will be credited if an annual membership is taken before the end of this period (application by internet on the ACBL website). This is a new ACBL policy since March 1st, 2018.

Tournament chair: Louise Mascolo



Ginette Méthot –



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