NAP – 2020 / Qualification period now in progress

The NAP qualification period in clubs is now in progress. All clubs can now include multiple qualification sessions in their schedule during the months of June , July and August. Winners collect RED and BLACK points.

2019 Tournaments and Special Events

2019  Tournaments in District 1 and Special Events :     JUNE FESTIVAL – June 21-23 – SILVER Points                  CAN-AM – August, 12-18 – GOLD Points                          FALL FESTIVAL – 25-27 October

0-299 Tournaments

Earn SILVER points at these tournaments where all players have less than 300 points! Sunday November 4 and Saturday November 10, participate in a tournaments for novice and intermediate players. You will meet other players who have begun to

NAP (North American Pairs) – District 1 Final

The NAP Final for District 1 (West) will be held on Sunday, Oct. 14 at the Mirage Bridge Club at 10:30 am. This final has two consecutive sessions during this day, with a lunch break between the two.

MBL 2018 Annual General Meeting – Report

The meeting was held mostly in French. The report is in French: Annual General Meeting Report, including explanations of the financial situation (in French). For Financial Statements for the year ending May 31, 2018: please contact Hugues

2018 Annual General Meeting: September 25

Invitation to all members of the Montreal Bridge League (Unit 151), on September 2018. There will be a light snack for attendees. Non-members are also welcome.

Welcome to the Can-Am

The Can-Am Regional Tournament runs from Monday, August 6 to Sunday, August 12, 2018. We start at 14:00 on Monday, with Duplicata Pairs and the first Knock-Out. Plan your participation by consulting the program and the tournament page to learn

NAP – North American Pairs

The NAP qualification period in bridge clubs is underway. Clubs can run several qualifying sessions during the months of June, July and August. Earn RED points

Canadian Championship and Regional Tournament: a great success

Congratulations on your performance and thank you for your participation in these tournaments that have just ended. These tournaments have been a great success, with the participation of a large number of players from across Canada, and a large

Kamel Fergani inducted into the Canadian Bridge Federation

Congratulations to Kamel Fergani on being inducted into the Canadian Bridge Federation Hall of Fame. Recognized for his bridge expertise and his generosity in advising players at all levels, Mr. Fergani is a prominent figure on the greater

Rollande Makarewicz winner of the George Retek Trophy

The honors of the George Retek trophy go to Rollande Makarewicz. This award is awarded annually by District 1* to a person who has made a great contribution as a volunteer to District 1 and its units. Rollande’s involvement as a volunteer

Gus Duchesne Winner of the Cukoff-Latraverse-Wiser Trophy

This year, the honor goes to Gus Duchesne, an iconic bridge personality of the beautiful city of Montréal.  The Cukoff-Latraverse-Wiser trophy is awarded annually by District 1 in honor of outstanding national directors to recognize

GNT – Grand National Teams

The GNT is a team competition that concludes with a final at the NABC in the summer, with one team per district (25) for each of the 4 categories defined. The NABC will be held in Atlanta in July 2018. Our district (District 1) holds its finals

Canadian Bridge Championships – 2018

In 2018, the Canadian Bridge Championship will be held in Montréal, May 26 to June 3. To participate in the Canadian Team Championship (CNTC) and the Canadian Open Pairs Championship (COPC), a pre-qualification is required. Qualification

STAC – Silver Points – February 12-18 AND 20-26

Several bridge clubs are registered at the two STACs (Sectional at Clubs) of February. Participate in large numbers and win Silver Points. The more participants there are, the more points there will be. February 12 to 18, 2018 (Monday to