Can-Am Regional 2015

WhereSheraton Dorval

555 Boulevard McMillan, Montreal, QC H9P 1B7

WhenAugust 17-23, 2015

PointsRegional Tournament – Gold and Red Points

ScheduleSee program


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Serie 1 – Overall




 Serie 2 – Overall















Master Points – All

Master Points –










2015 CanAm photos – winners

George Retek Trophy winnners: Pierre Choquette, Isabelle Côté, Louise Ménard, Alain Turcotte
Mac Paterson Trophy winner: Diane Mongeau



Various events: pairs and teams. See the Description of the events at the Can-Am for details and identify events in which you would like to play.

Looking for a partner? We are here to help!

GINETTE MÉTHOT has been taking care of our partnership desk for a few years now. To assist her in finding you a suitable partner we suggest the following:

  1. Communicate with her by email as quickly as possible
  2. Kindly provide:

– Name and phone number;
– Total masterpoints won at tournaments and clubs (excluding online play)
– Number of years of bridge experience
– The sessions/events that you wish to play (event, date and times)
– Indication of what basic game you play (2/1, SAYC, other).

  1. Should you find a partner on your own or become unavailable for the session you requested kindly inform Ginette as soon as possible.
  2. You may also complete a partnership request card on site at our partnership desk located near the main playing room on the 2nd
  3. We ask that you be present at the partnership desk at least 30 minutes before the session for which you are seeking a partner.

Ginette will be at the partnership desk 45 minutes before game time up until 15 minutes before game time.

Our best efforts will be made to find a suitable partner for you; however we are unable to guarantee a partner.

Ginette Méthot
Ginette Méthot
438 345-1441
514 683-4518

New: Bracketed Swiss - Tuesday and Saturday at 10h!

The more teams, the more groups. This new formula is becoming popular in tournaments.

When buying the entry for the team, the captain tells the director the total number of points of the players on his team. At the end of the registration period, the director determines the number of groups, each consisting of 8 teams (more in the first group) of equal strength. All teams in the same group play against each other throughout the day. You are assured to play against teams of equal strength.

A team may choose to play in the first bracket eventhough its MP would place it in a lower bracket.

More Gold Rush sessions!

Only players with fewer than 750 points can play in the GOLD RUSH sessions, regardless of the average points of the pair or team. The average, however, will determine the stratification in which the players will be considered: 750/300/100.

Gold Rush Pairs
Wednesday: 10 h et 14 h 45
Thursday: 10 h et 14 h 45

Gold Rush Swiss
Friday: 14 h 45 et 19 h 30

Bridge Player Menu

A special menu will be offered to bridge players in the dining room of the hotel after the morning and afternoon sessions:
– Lunch 15$ at around 13 h, Tuesday to Saturday
– Dinner 20$ at around 18 h, Tuesday to Friday
– Taxes and service included

Sunday brunch is offered by the League to bridge players – after round 3 or 4 (4 per team).

Hospitality every night... and more

The Board of Directors of Unit 151 invites everyone to enjoy a few moments in the company of fellow players. Come and share your best bridge stories in a relaxed setting.

Gentilly Room – located on the 2nd floor near the main playing room
22 h 15
Monday : traditional pizza
Tuesday : sandwiches et salties
Wednesday : traditional pizza
Thursday : cheeses and pâtés
Friday : traditional pizza

and more…
– Coffee included during all bridge sessions
– Sunday brunch is offered by the League to bridge players – after round 3 or 4 (4 per team)
– and a few surprises

Seminars and Speakers

Attend these interesting and educational seminars with top bridge players and personalities!

In English

Tuesday, 14 h : Joey Silver, Confessions of a bridge addict
Friday, 14 h : Nicolas L’Écuyer, Nicks tricks

In French

Wednesday, 14 h : Martine Lacroix*, Signaux défensifs
Saturday, 14 h : Nicolas L’écuyer, Quelques mains avec Nicolas

*To those present, a chance to win a DVD featuring Martine Lacroix, in a lecture on Hand Evaluation (in French).

Annual Meeting - Montreal Bridge League

The Annual Meeting is a unique opportunity to take on the challenges and appreciate the achievements.

And who knows, maybe you’ll be tempted to get involved in one way or another.

The meeting will focus on last key activities, financial results and the MBL’s Action Plan. It’s also a great opportunity to ask questions and find out how your local Unit is supporting Bridge in our community.

Thursday 13 h 30
Gentilly Room

A light snack and refreshments will be served.
Please note that this event will be held mostly in French. We will be answering questions and assisting in English when asked.


Follow the leaders every day!

2 trophies at the end of the tournament :
– GEORGE RETEK Trophy: to the player who has accumulated the highest number of points.
– MAC PATERSON Trophy: to the non Life Master player with less than 500 points, who has accumulated the highest number of points.

The list of leaders will be posted every morning. To be eligible, you must be a member of the ACBL.

Books and Bridge material

Before each session of bridge, you can buy books and bridge material from Distributions GAF.

Take the opportunity to meet Alain Bonnin, author of « LUI et elle ». Alain will sign his book before the morning and afternoon sessions, Thursday (20) and Saturday (22).

Smile, we want your picture!

New life master? First in your category? We want your picture!

We would like to have a photo of all the winners by category (A, B and C) for each event, as well as a photo of all New life masters.

Claude Lemire is our official photographer and he may very well be looking for you! Help him out and introduce yourself.

Should it happen that Claude cannot be found and you are able to take a picture, do it yourself and send it to him, indicating the names (left to right) and the event/category (A, B or C ).

Claude is a tricky guy and he may well take some pictures out of the blue, so. . . SMILE!

Claude Lemire
Claude Lemire

Like us, the success of this tournament is dear to your heart? We need your help and support.

The Montreal Bridge League team consists primarily of volunteers. Your support is essential to the success of our events and bridge related programs.

If you are willing to give us a hand, we need help:
– in setting up the rooms before and during the tournament
– registration, specially on Tuesday morning
– hospitality in the evening

Contact Christine Bourbeau, indicating your preferences – (450) 687-4797 or

Also, we kindly ask and appreciate everyone’s cooperation in leaving a clean table, free of litter, and placing your chair back after each event.

More questions?

Contact us! or 514-993-2221