Can-Am Regional – 2018

WhereSheraton Laval

2440 Autoroute des Laurentides Laval, QC H7T 1X5 1-800-667-2440

WhenAugust 6-12, 2018

PointsRegional Tournament - GOLD and RED Points


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The Can-Am (Regional Tournament) welcomes bridge players
at the Sheraton Laval, August 6 to 12, 2018.


Ginette Méthot –


Program: Click here to see the program.
New to the program: Duplicata Pairs 0-199 on Monday, August 6, 1st day of the tournament, at a reduced price.
Novice and intermediate players particularly appreciate the following events:
– Gold Rush, where all players have less than 750 points
– Bracketed Swiss, where the groups are composed of teams with a number of equivalent points

Descriptions of events: Click here

Results: Click here


Looking for a partner? We are here to help!

GINETTE MÉTHOT has been taking care of our partnership desk for a few years now. To assist her in finding you a suitable partner we suggest the following:

  1. Communicate with her by email as quickly as possible
  2. Kindly provide:

– Name and phone number;
– Total masterpoints; 
– Number of years of bridge experience;
– The sessions/events that you wish to play (event, date and times);
– Indication of what basic game you play (2/1, SAYC, other).

  1. Should you find a partner on your own or become unavailable for the session you requested kindly inform Ginette as soon as possible.
  2. You may also complete a partnership request card on site at our partnership desk located near the main playing room on the 2nd floor. 
  3. We ask that you be present at the partnership desk at least 45 minutes before the session for which you are seeking a partner.

Ginette will be at the partnership desk 45 minutes before game time up until 15 minutes before game time.

Our best efforts will be made to find a suitable partner for you; however we are unable to guarantee a partner.

Ginette Méthot
Ginette Méthot
438  345-1441

Read the text within the box above, and contact Ginette
Ginette Méthot
438 345-1441

How much does it cost to play at the tournament? Read this.
  • $ 17 per session, including free parking, coffee and tea, and much more … A «Swiss» event is considered as a 2-session event.
  • Half price for students throughout the tournament, and for members who play in Monday’s 0-199 sessions.
  • + $ 4 additional for ACBL members whose membership fees are not current.
  • Players who have never been members of the ACBL are required to join on an annual basis or join on a new temporary 1-month membership for $ 10. The temporary membership will allow to play all sessions without further supplement during the tournament. The $ 10 will be credited if the annual subscription is taken before the end of the following month, by applying through the ACBL website. This is a new ACBL policy since March 1st, 2018.
You are not a member of the ACBL? You are a member but your experience is greater than your ACBL master points allow to see? Read this.

All bridge players are welcome to the tournaments of the Montreal Bridge League. All players must register in the category that corresponds to their real level, whether they play in pairs or teams competitions.

ACBL Rules:
  • The right of a non-member of the ACBL to play in an event restricted by master points is subject to approval by the director of the tournament, to include the player in the right category. Players must register in the stratum equivalent to their experience.
  • A non-member who has attained a status at a given time can not subsequently play in a lower-level category.
  • The tournament director may require a member to be part of a stratum or higher category than his/her number of points, if that member is deemed to have more points.
To the following persons and others for whom the spirit of the description applies, it is important to determine the number of master points that corresponds to their experience:
  • Non-members of the ACBL: they may be beginners with very limited experience or advanced players with a lot of experience.
  • Members who are not in good standing: they may have a still active member number, and they may not have accumulated points for a certain period of time while continuing to play on a regular basis.
  • Members whose ACBL points are well below their experience:
    • experience acquired before becoming a member;
    • little play in affiliated bridge clubs, but more in non-affiliated clubs, accumulating little master points;
    • members who come back after a long hiatus, and that could not recover the points in their record;
    • play on various websites;
    • experience gained in other countries.
How to determine a number of masterpoints that corresponds to the experience?
  • Assess the number of points that would have been obtained using the experience and frequency of play (eg. 30-50-100 per year).
  • Another method could be to assign a number of points equivalent to those of partners if the level is similar, or adjust accordlingly if the experience is greater (or less).

The director of the tournament or the League can help clarify the situation.

The successful implementation of the ACBL rules is based on cooperation of all players. Compliance will be appreciated by playing partners and all players. Failing to register in the appropriate category, the concerned pair or team will become ineligible to the overall ranking of the event.


See detailed results on the ACBL website throughout the tournament

The Montreal Bridge League now refers all bridge players to the ACBL website to see the results of the tournament: Detailed Results of each event are posted within minutes at the end of the events on ACBL-Live, and General Results are posted at the end of the tournament on ACBL-Tournaments.

After each event, the director sends the results into the ACBL system. These results are forwarded immediately to you by email or texto if  your profile contains this information.

How to register to receive results directly from the ACBL

If you do not receive the results and wish to get them with these modes of communication, check the information on your profile on the ACBL website.

1- Begin by checking the information in the profile:

  • Go to “MyACBL Portal” (at the top right corner of the home page of the ACBL website).
  • This leads to a page that provides various informations about the status.
  • On the top, in the  middle, click on “Update My Information”.
  • Click on “Update my Contact Information”.
  • Complete the “Cell Phone” et “E-Mail Address” boxes, depending on your preferences: one or both.

2- Adjust the “Privacy Settings”: 

  • To the left, locate the “Privacy Settings” (under “Membership”)
  • Click “SUBSCRIBE” for the first 2 items. A check mark in the 1st box will have the effect of receiving the results by e-mail, whereas a check mark in the 2nd box will have the effect of receiving them by text.
Hospitality ...

– Coffee included – before and during all bridge sessions

– Light snack after the evening session, on Monday and Wednesday
In the Hospitality Room downstairs. Come enjoy a few moments in the company of fellow players, and share your best bridge stories in a relaxed setting.

Seminars and Speakers

Attend these interesting and educational seminars with top bridge players and personalities!

Tuesday: Frédéric Pollack (English)
Wednesday: Kamel Fergani (French)
Thursday: Frédéric Pollack (French)
Friday: Nicolas L’Écuyer (Bilingual)
Saturday: Kamel Fergani (French)



In 2018 Kamel was inducted in the Canadian Bridge Federation Hall of Fame, having trained and mentored more than 3000 players 

and 150 teachers as well as being many times Canadian and North American Champion, representing Canada 8 times at the World Bridge Championships among other achievements



Since 2016, Fred, who has 13 000 points, is a Grand Life Master, having won the Canadian Championship and the Wernher Pairs that year. Fred got his Life Master title at 16, at the time the youngest Canadian player ever to achieve this, earning him to be crowned King of bridge, yearly award for the youth who stands out the most in any given year throughout the ACBL.



A Grand Life Master since 2005, Nick has won the Canadian Championships 6 times, represented Canada at the World Championships 5 times, the last of which in 2016 in Poland. He is also the winner of 4 events in National tournaments (NABC)


3 trophies to recognize the performance of the players!

  • GEORGE RETEK Trophy: to the player who accumulates the most points during the tournament.
  • MAC PATERSON Trophy: to the non Life Master player with less than 500 points, who accumulates the highest number of points during the tournament.
  • Sam Gold Trophy: to the player who accumulates the most points in Duplicata Pairs during the tournament.

To be eligible, you must be a member of the ACBL.

Books and Bridge material

Before each session of bridge, you can buy books and bridge material from Distributions GAF.

Like us, the success of this tournament is dear to your heart? We need your help and support.

The Montreal Bridge League team consists primarily of volunteers. Your support is essential to the success of our events and bridge related programs.

If you are willing to give us a hand, we need help:
– in setting up the rooms before and during the tournament
– registration, specially on Tuesday morning
– hospitality in the evening

Contact Christine Bourbeau, indicating your preferences – (450) 687-4797 or

Also, we kindly ask and appreciate everyone’s cooperation in leaving a clean table, free of litter, and placing your chair back after each event.

Tournament chair: Louise Mascolo