GNT 2015 – Grand National Teams

WhereDistrict and NABC

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PointsNorth-American / Points of varied colors

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GNT – Grand National Teams is a team competition, across the ACBL. The final takes place at the ACBL NABC national tournament of the summer, where teams representing the 25 districts in ACBL meet. The Montreal Bridge League is working with District 1 to encourage the participation of its members in the final of the district, and eventually the ACBL final.

There are 4 flights for this team competition, each flight being determined according to Masterpoints owned as of August 6, 2015:

  • Championship = Open
  • A = less than 6 000
  • B = less than 2 500
  • C = less than 500 – non-life master

Detailed information will be posted when available. The District 1 final is most likely to be held at the beginning of May, in a Swiss format (1 day). The final for flights A and C will take place in Montréal, while the final for flights Open and B will take place in the Maritimes.

The winning team for each flight wins the right to represent District 1 at the ACBL finai, that will take place in Washington DC, at the NABC of July 2016.