District 1 Director Report from Washington

Mr. Leo Weniger, Director for District 1, is one of the 25 District Directors on the Board of Directors to attend the meeting held by the ACBL before each NABC. His report is posted on the District’s website, at the following link. Click here.

On page 3 you will find a list of solid performances from some players of our District and the Montréal Bridge League.

District 1 is known as the Eastern Canadian Bridge Conference. It is made up of 6 Units:
– Unit 151 –  Montreal Bridge League
– Unit 192 – Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec
– Unit 152 – Quebec
– Unit 199 – Saguenay and East of Québec
– Unit 230 – New-Brunswick and Prince-Edouard-Island
– Unit 194 – Nova Scotia and NewFoundland
These Units are responsible for running Sectional Tournaments as well as organizing the local aspects of ACBL wide events and relationships with ACBL Clubs.