Play nice – Zero Tolerance

The Montreal Bridge League supports the Zero Tolerance program put forward by the ACBL. This Program aims to provide a pleasant environment during the bridge sessions and promote good behavior.

  • Say hello to everyone. You might make someone’s day.
  • Introduce yourself to people you don’t know. They may be your next good friends.
  • Be ponctual. If you’re late, you make others late, too.
  • Acknowledge good play by the opponents. An appreciative nod lets them know their skill has not gone unnoticed.
  • Smile often. You will brighten the room considerably.
  • Be understanding. Everybody makes mistakes.
  • Be kind.  You will never like everybody, but you can be cordial to all.
  • Nobody likes to lose. Practice grace under fire.
  • Respect the directors. They are here for you.
  • Helothose with less experience. We all were beginners at some point.
  • Look forward to the next deal. Dwelling on the last hand wastes time.
  • Value your partner. He’s the only one in the room on your side.
  • Keep your priorities straight. Diamonds are great, but hearts are much more valuable.
  • Grace is good. Nobody likes a boastful winner.
  • Save your analysis and lessons for the postmortem. It would be a shame to have nothing to talk about after the game.
  • Enjoy! You can’t win all the time, but you can always have fun.

American Contract Bridge League
Thanks to Dean Congbalay, Longboat Key FL