Tournament Pairing

Ginette Méthot is responsible for pairing partners for the tournaments of the Montreal Bridge League. She sees herself to the requests, or with other volunteer support. 

To maximize your chances of finding the ideal partner or team for a tournament, Ginette recommends that you present your request as soon as possible, preferably via email, to the person responsible for pairing partners for that tournament.

In the email, please include:

  • Your name and phone number
  • The number of masterpoints that you have earned (excluding masterpoints earned online) and the number of years that you have been playing bridge
  • The sessions in which you would like to play (event, date and time)
  • Whether you play 2/1 or SAYC

If you find a partner on your own or are no longer available for the session, please inform Ginette or the other person responsible as soon as possible.

You can also fill in a card at the pairing table any time during the tournament.

Show up at the pairing table at least 30 minutes before the beginning of the session for which you need a partner.

Ginette or the person responsible will be at the pairing table 45 minutes before the beginning of each session and will leave the table 15 minutes before the start of the sessions.

We will put in every effort possible to find a partner for you, but we can offer no guarantee that we will find one.

Ginette Méthot,
(438) 345-1441