Canadian Championship and Regional Tournament: a great success

Congratulations on your performance and thank you for your participation in these tournaments that have just ended.

These tournaments have been a great success, with the participation of a large number of players from across Canada, and a large number of players from home. These tournaments under the aegis of the Canadian Bridge Federation, with the collaboration of the Montreal Bridge League, took place in Montreal from May 26 to June 3, 2018.

Several players from home have distinguished themselves at the level of the Canadian Championship and the regional tournament. Note the following performances:

Gold medal: Martin Caley, in this marathon with the Gartaganis team.
3rd at the end of the Round Robin, and participation in the quarter finals: Nicolas L’Écuyer, Zygmunt Marcinski, Michel Lorber, Ron Carrière, Kamel Fergani, Frédéric Pollack

Gold medal: Jean Trudelle, Philippe Champagne, Éric Reiher, Stéphane Reiher, Roger Martin, Danielle Boyer
Silver medal: Jean Bellemarre, Jean-François Guillemette, Sébastien Noreau, Maxence Élie
Bronze medal: Larry Malone, Pierre Gingras, Suzanne Viau, Pierre Dionne

Gold medal: Yunjiang Dong, Ashot Harutyunyan, Shih-Chieh Fuh, Xiang Chen Zhu
Bronze medal: Jean-Marc Picard, Kevin Chu, Marc-Antoine Dufort-Boudreau, Jérôme Leclère

Gold medal: Joey Silver, Nader Hanna’s team

Bronze medal: Sarko Kassabian, Maryse Hambrick

Gold medal: Marc Lachapelle, Xavier Combey
Bronze medal: Fengming Chen, Chuan Hui Li

Suisse Henry Cukoff / International Fund
1st: Robert Fleury, Rolland Lebrasseur, Matthieu Willems, Cédric Laval
3rd: Maureen Beyrouti, Françoise St-Pierre, Michel Bertrand, Gary Hastings

Looking forward to seeing you at the next tournaments.