Follow the 15th World Bridge Games

The 15th World Bridge Games are underway: September 3 to 17, 2016, in Wroclaw, Poland. 

Follow the teams from Canada, all composed of players from home. Several games are presented on BBO – Vugraph.

Teams – Open: Kamel Fergani, Frédéric PollackNicolas L’ÉcuyerZygmunt Marcinski, Nicholas Gartaganis, Judith Gartaganis, Marc-André Fourcaudot (non-playing captain), Eric Kokish (coach). (Canada in Group C)

Teams – Women: Sondra Blank, Karen Cumpstone, Ina Demme, Joan Eaton, Lesley Thomson, Catherine Thorpe, Nader Hanna (non-playing captain), Eric Kokish (coach). (Canada in Group B)

Teams – Seniors: Boris Baran, John Carruthers, Pierre Daigneault, Joey Silver, Robert Lebi, George Mittelman, James Mcavoy (non-playing captain), Eric Kokish (coach).

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Teams. (Canada in Zone 2).