Instructions to clubs to report NAP results on «Common Games»

This new process involves reporting the results of the NAP Qualifying games throughout the summer, ideally, after each qualifying game.

It is on this site that players will be asked to check if they have qualified for the District 1 final. The League will no longer produce a list of qualified players, list that was done manually. The League favors the use of this new tool: on the one hand by the clubs to report the results of the qualifying games, and on the other hand by the players who want to check if they have qualified.

Instructions for Reporting NAP Qualifiers:

  1. When the game is complete, DBADD the game file as usual. During the DBADD process you will be asked the following question: “ADD Group codes to players in database who Q’d to the next level?” ANSWER “Y” to this question.
  2. Email the Gamefile (the .ACx file) from each NAP qualifying game held – as soon as it’s completed – to
  3. You will get a confirmation email with a link to the updated District Qualifier List (Refreshed Nightly) – use it to check that your game results have been loaded (click on the # of clubs under District 1 and you’ll see your club.)
  4. You can also click on the “1” under District to see the combined list of qualifiers FROM ALL THE GAMES. THOSE WHO QUALIFIED MORE THAN ONCE WILL APPEAR ON THE LIST ONLY ONCE.
  5. If you wish, you can provide a report of those who qualified from your club for posting at your club. 
    • Go to DATA BASE at the screen with the Main Menu.
    • Select REPORTS/EXPORT.
    • Select #13, List of Qualifiers.
    • Tag the group to include: 7NA 7NB 7NC for 2017.
    • Hit F9.
    • Answer the remaining questions appropriately.

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