Instructions to players to check their qualification to the NAP District final

There is a new process whereby clubs report the results of their NAP qualifying sessions throughout the summer to “Common Games”, ideally after each qualifying game. The results are updated every evening.

This process also includes access to players to see if they have qualified through the qualification period. Players will be invited to visit this site.

The Montreal Bridge League will no longer produce a list as it did previously, a list that was made manually. This tool exists, and the League supports its use, on the one hand by the clubs, on the other hand by the players.

To check that you’ve qualified, go to the following link. Make sure that the fields are set to District 1, year 2018, and Event NAP

  • The link for all qualification sessions of all clubs:
  • Make the appropriate selections (it is not necessary to complete all the boxes):
    • Year 2018
    • Change GNT for NAP (if under GNT)
    • District 1
    • Unit 151
    • State – Quebec
    • Name

The compiled list of all qualified players in all games shows players only once, even if there has been more than one qualification.

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