GNT – Grand National Teams – District Final May 7, 2016

The GNT is a team competition that takes places across the ACBL. The ACBL final is held annually at the summer NABC, where can participate 1 team by ACBL district (25 districts) in each of the following categories:

   Championship  =  no limits
    A  =  0-6000
    B  =  0-2500
    C  =  0-500, non life-master
    Teams can play in the category that corresponds to their status, or in a higher category.

The final of the District 1 for selecting the teams will be held Saturday May  7, 2016, at the following locations depending on the category:
   Categories Championship and B: Halifax
   Categoryies A and C: Montréal, Le Mirage Bridge Club

For more information, please consult the tournament page.